Jewelry Care

Trinity Designer Jewelry is crafted to last a lifetime with normal wear and proper care... Here's how!

Remove Jewelry During Manual Tasks.

Remove your jewelry when doing kitchen work, gardening, cleaning the house or other common tasks to prevent physical damage or exposure to chemicals or cleaning fluids.

Put Jewelry On, After Applying Makeup.

Cosmetics, hairspray, perfumes and lotions contain chemicals that could damage your jewelry.

Don't Wear Jewelry in Swimming Pools, Spas, While Taking a Shower or Bathing.

Chlorinated water could react with the materials found in the jewelry, which could lead to color changes and even structural damage. Soap of course is likely to leave a film on the jewelry making it appear dull.

Contact Sports and Jewelry Don't Mix.

Enough said.

Clean Your Jewelry With Care.

Clean your jewelry with great care, avoiding the use of any non-recognised cleaning fluids that could cause color changes or structural damage.

Use professional cleaning cloths to clean & polish your jewelry.

Do not use abrasive tissue or paper towels as these tend to cause scratches.

Avoid Cleaning Damaged Jewelry.

A jewelry item should be repaired first to prevent greater damage being caused by the handling and cleaning process.

Inspect Your Jewelry Regularly.

Regular inspection is the best way to prevent costly repairs.

Keep Your Jewelry Organized & Secure.

Store your jewelry separately, in an organised manner and in a fabric-lined jewelry case that will prevent pieces from moving around.

Prevent Your Jewelry from Tarnishing.

To maintain jewelry luster, place silver anti-tarnish strips in your storage container to absorb the oxidants that discolor and tarnish jewelry.

When Travelling Use A Jewelry Travel Case.

A fabric or leather jewelry travel case can be rolled up to a size that's easily stored in most suitcases, makeup cases or business attaches.